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Brasil #EnsenadaCreativa

As part of UNESCO´s Creative Cities of Gastronomy mobility program, we are hosting our first chef in residence at Ensenada Creativa.

Chef Pedro Soares has come from the city of Florianopolis, Brasil to share with us for a couple of months and experience our culture, ingredients and gastronomic landscape.

San Miguel surfing spot
Local wild ingredients
At our local Fish Market

Since his arrival, a month ago, Pedro has been exchanging ideas with our local chefs at AmarAbierto´s FoodLab, visiting local producers, eating at our friends restaurants and street food vendors, and just getting inspired by Baja´s unique lifestyle.

Chef Ian García & Pedro Soares exchanging ideas

Starting a conversation between cultures, letting creativity, flavours and ingredients express without limits; making room for exploration, cross-cultural influences, randomness, new friendships, and lots and lots of fun in our kitchen.

We are really happy with the way creativity is flowing, and we are getting ready to soon share it all with you in our table!

Photo Credits: Fabiola Barraza

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